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Volume 13, Issue 3

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Tools of the Trade

Top 10 Tips for Getting Paid
guest author: Caren Schwartz

You're running a business and if you don't get paid you can't pay your employees, your expenses or yourself. These tips will help you avoid collection hassles.

  1. Explain your Fee Agreement
    When clients expectations are set appropriately they are less like to have issues with the bill. If they know that phone calls or emails will be charged, they won't question the bill and delay in paying.
  1. Set up an evergreen retainer
    If you are paid in advance you won't have collection issues. Obtaining a retainer starts you off right. An evergreen retainer, where you automatically ask for more retainer when the funds go down helps to insure there is always money to pay the invoice. If you do value based billing you know up front what the cost will be and may be able to complete avoid the collection issue.

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Quick Tips

Are You a Softie?
guest author: Kay M. Sowa, EA/CTFA

Got your attention, but how do you answer that question about yourself? There are many different ways in which you could be a softie. So, in what way am I asking that question? Do you have professional soft skills? Let's consider the following:

  1. LISTENING - Are you a true listener? Or are you formulating what you will next say when the person with whom you are engaged in a conversation takes a breath? Listening is a virtue and on some occasions, the best action is to just listen and enable yourself to fully hear what the other person is saying or perhaps just getting something off their chest to feel better.
  1. MANNERS - Are you polite? Do you utilize those manners your parents attempted to instill in you? Etiquette is, I fear, becoming a lost art, however, as a professional, it is of upmost importance that you be courteous and respectful not only with clients, but with colleagues in the office.

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