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Volume 13, Issue 5

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Tools of the Trade

Surviving in the Legal Industry: What Makes a Paralegal Indispensable?
guest author: Tina M. Ziegler, ACP

Even though the economy seems better now than in prior years, firms are still undergoing changes including the downsizing of staff. While it may save a firm more money to let an attorney go, paralegals are not excluded from this process. How can you avoid being one of the paralegals who are shown the door, especially if you have been with your firm for a long time?

Paralegals are a vital part of any law firm or legal department. There are certain characteristics and skills which are common among the best of them. These are what you should strive to master and what attorneys should look for when hiring a paralegal.

  1. Ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks - An excellent paralegal is able to multi-task and prioritize their responsibilities simultaneously. They are also flexible, able to quickly adapt to change, and work well under pressure. Client needs and case demands are constantly changing, and the paralegal must be able to keep up. Additionally, paralegals must have a lot of patience and stamina. They may be expected to keep long hours, especially those who assist at trial.
  1. Job experience - Experienced paralegals understand legal terminology, are familiar with the Rules and the flow of a case, and know how to create and format documents. Their prior experience makes them invaluable as they already know what needs to be done with little or no instruction. Hiring such individuals will reduce the amount of time needed to train them.

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Quick Tips

Four Ways to Achieve Better Results When Retaining Consultants and Experts
guest author: Mila Carlson, PhD, MSHSA, R.N., CNLCP®, CMSP

Consultants and Experts who are retained have varying levels of experience. However, they all want to complete the specified work on your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Addressing the four (4) areas below should result in a mutually beneficial relationship with your consultant/expert and ultimately provide a better work product and overall experience.

1. Purpose of record review: Clearly communicate the purpose of the record review, i.e., case screening, report development as a next step in the litigation process, or serving as an expert. If a case review is requested, specify whether a verbal or written report is expected, and how in-depth a report is needed. What is the turnaround time for the work to be completed? Is there a statute of limitations involved? Are there any potential conflicts? Promptly address any questions or concerns posed by the consultant/expert to ensure clarity and avoid confusion.

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